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Plumber’s Furnace Lamp
Industrial Lamp - Repurposed Plumbers Furnace. $150.
Lamp with Cloverleaf Steel Shade
Custom-made steel and wooden lamp with cloverleaf-patterned steel shade. $300.
Coffee Bag Wall Hangers
Two styles to choose from.  $129 each.
Handmade coasters. $10/coaster.
Barrel Chair – Upright
Upright style of barrel chair with vinyl padded seat. Introductory price of $350.
Plant Stand
Vintage Wards Kerosene Cook Stove Plant Stand with Terra Cotta planter pots. $125
Road Sign Coffee Table
Pallet wood and road sign constructed coffee table.
Coat Rack
Custom mechanics creeper coat rack with wrench hangers. Starting at $225.
Shelf Unit / Bookcase
Repurposed Handtruck Shelf Unit or Bookcase. $225.